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My name is Yosuke Ota. My main job is a front-end developer. I love static code analysis tools. I'm an active contributor to some OSS.

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# ESLint, ESLint Plugins and Parsers

I maintain ESLint and many ESLint plugins.

ESLint plugin for Vue (opens new window), vue-i18n (opens new window), RegExp (opens new window), JSON, JSONC, JSON5 (opens new window) , YAML (opens new window), TOML (opens new window), lodash-template (opens new window), Vue Scoped CSS (opens new window), JSON Schema (opens new window), Svelte (opens new window), CSS Objects (opens new window), dependencies (opens new window), Astro (opens new window), and more.

Please see here for details.

I maintain Stylelint and some Stylelint related products.

Stylelint (opens new window), vscode-stylelint (opens new window), stylelint-stylus (opens new window) and more.

Please see here for details.

# Others

I also maintain other products.

Cheetah Grid (opens new window), Select box filter (opens new window) and more.

Please see here for details.

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# Future Enterprise Coding Standards (opens new window) Owner

Coding Standards for Enterprise.

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# WEB+DB PRESS Vol.120 (opens new window)

特集 2 最新 Vue.js 3 入門 ── 基本から新機能まで完全網羅

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