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eslint-plugin-css is an ESLint plugin that provides rules to verify CSS definition objects.

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📛 Features

This ESLint plugin provides linting rules to verify CSS definition objects.

  • Find the wrong usage of CSS definition objects, and their hints.
  • Support for Vue and JSX (React).
  • Partial support for styled-components style objects.

You can check on the Online DEMO.


❓ Why is it ESLint plugin?

Stylelint partially supports CSS in JS, but some issues haven't been resolved for a long time.
Also, CSS definitions using template literals are similar to CSS syntax, but CSS definitions using JavaScript objects are not. ESLint may work better for linting JavaScript objects.

📖 Usage

See User Guide.

✅ Rules

See Available Rules.

⚙️ Settings

See Settings.

🔒 License

See the LICENSE file for license rights and limitations (MIT).