# stylus/number-no-trailing-zeros

disallow trailing zeros in numbers.

  • ⚙️ This rule is included in "stylelint-plugin-stylus/standard". (options: true)
  • 🔧 The fix option (opens new window) can automatically fix some of the problems reported by this rule.

# 📖 Rule Details

This rule reports trailing zeros in numbers.

# ❓ Why Not Use stylelint Rule

The number-no-trailing-zeros (opens new window) rule incorrectly report errors in Stylus.
This problem is that the core rules do not understand that range operator of the Stylus.
The stylus/number-no-trailing-zeros rule understands that range operator of the Stylus.

# 🔧 Options

See stylelint - number-no-trailing-zeros - Options (opens new window).

# 🔍 Implementation