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💼 This rule is enabled in the following configs: 🟢 flat/recommended, 🔵 recommended.

🔧 This rule is automatically fixable by the --fix CLI option.

disallow unnecessary nested lookaround assertions

📖 Rule Details

The last positive lookahead assertion within a lookahead assertion is the same without lookahead assertions. Also, The first positive lookbehind assertion within a lookbehind assertion is the same without lookbehind assertions. They can be inlined or converted to group.

/a(?=b(?=c))/u; /* -> */ /a(?=bc)/u;
/a(?=b(?=c|C))/u; /* -> */ /a(?=b(?:c|C))/u;

/(?<=(?<=a)b)c/u; /* -> */ /(?<=ab)c/u;
/(?<=(?<=a|A)b)c/u; /* -> */ /(?<=(?:a|A)b)c/u;

This rule aims to report and fix these unnecessary lookaround assertions.

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🚀 Version

This rule was introduced in eslint-plugin-regexp v1.11.0

🔍 Implementation