# jsonc/no-irregular-whitespace

disallow irregular whitespace

# 📖 Rule Details

This rule is aimed at catching invalid whitespace that is not a normal tab and space.

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ESLint core no-irregular-whitespace (opens new window) rule don't work well in JSON. Turn off that rule in JSON files and use jsonc/no-irregular-whitespace rule.

# 🔧 Options


  "overrides": [
      "files": ["*.json", "*.json5"],
      "rules": {
        "no-irregular-whitespace": "off",
        "jsonc/no-irregular-whitespace": [
            "skipStrings": true,
            "skipComments": false,
            "skipRegExps": false,
            "skipTemplates": false

Same as no-irregular-whitespace (opens new window) rule option. See here (opens new window) for details.

# 🚀 Version

This rule was introduced in eslint-plugin-jsonc v2.5.0

# 🔍 Implementation

Taken with ❤️ from ESLint core (opens new window)

Last Updated: 2/4/2023, 7:25:56 AM