# yml/no-irregular-whitespace

disallow irregular whitespace

  • ⚙️ This rule is included in "plugin:yml/recommended" and "plugin:yml/standard".

# 📖 Rule Details

yml/no-irregular-whitespace rule is aimed at catching invalid whitespace that is not a normal tab and space. Some of these characters may cause issues in YAML parsers and others will be a debugging issue to spot. yml/no-irregular-whitespace rule is the similar rule as core no-irregular-whitespace (opens new window) rule but it applies to the source code in YAML.

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# 🔧 Options

  - error
  - skipQuotedScalars: true
    skipComments: false
  • skipQuotedScalars ... if true, allows any whitespace characters in quoted scalars. default true
  • skipComments ... if true, allows any whitespace characters in comments. default false

# "skipQuotedScalars": true (default)

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# "skipQuotedScalars": false

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# "skipComments": true

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# 🚀 Version

This rule was introduced in eslint-plugin-yml v0.1.0

# 🔍 Implementation

Taken with ❤️ from ESLint core (opens new window)