# Available Rules

The --fix option on the command line (opens new window) automatically fixes problems reported by rules which have a wrench 🔧 below.
The rules with the following star ⭐️ are included in the plugin:toml/recommended config and the plugin:toml/standard config.

# TOML Rules

Rule ID Description Fixable RECOMMENDED STANDARD
toml/indent enforce consistent indentation 🔧 ⭐️
toml/keys-order disallow defining pair keys out-of-order 🔧 ⭐️
toml/no-mixed-type-in-array disallow mixed data types in array
toml/no-non-decimal-integer disallow hexadecimal, octal and binary integer 🔧
toml/no-space-dots disallow spacing around infix operators 🔧 ⭐️
toml/no-unreadable-number-separator disallow number separators that to not enhance readability. ⭐️ ⭐️
toml/padding-line-between-pairs require or disallow padding lines between pairs 🔧 ⭐️
toml/padding-line-between-tables require or disallow padding lines between tables 🔧 ⭐️
toml/precision-of-fractional-seconds disallow precision of fractional seconds greater than the specified value. ⭐️ ⭐️
toml/precision-of-integer disallow precision of integer greater than the specified value. ⭐️ ⭐️
toml/quoted-keys require or disallow quotes around keys 🔧 ⭐️
toml/tables-order disallow defining tables out-of-order 🔧 ⭐️
toml/vue-custom-block/no-parsing-error disallow parsing errors in Vue custom blocks ⭐️ ⭐️

# Extension Rules

Rule ID Description Fixable RECOMMENDED STANDARD
toml/array-bracket-newline enforce linebreaks after opening and before closing array brackets 🔧 ⭐️
toml/array-bracket-spacing enforce consistent spacing inside array brackets 🔧 ⭐️
toml/array-element-newline enforce line breaks between array elements 🔧 ⭐️
toml/comma-style enforce consistent comma style in array 🔧 ⭐️
toml/inline-table-curly-spacing enforce consistent spacing inside braces 🔧 ⭐️
toml/key-spacing enforce consistent spacing between keys and values in key/value pairs 🔧 ⭐️
toml/spaced-comment enforce consistent spacing after the # in a comment 🔧 ⭐️
toml/table-bracket-spacing enforce consistent spacing inside table brackets 🔧 ⭐️

# Deprecated

  • ⚠️ We're going to remove deprecated rules in the next major release. Please migrate to successor/new rules.
  • 😇 We don't fix bugs which are in deprecated rules since we don't have enough resources.
Rule ID Replaced by
toml/space-eq-sign toml/key-spacing